AluVenture 11000 COMMUTER is a concept from our designers. The idea was to take our very solid 11000 hull and build a boat for transportation of people over short distances. This layout has seats for 6 + 2 inside but can also be delivered with benches. Good storage space for backpacks, bags, etc. Possible to exit the vessel in bow and apt. The vessel handles waves very well (long and narrow hull), has a comfortable cabin with heat and protection against the weather, and is a very robust and safe boat. The design can be adjusted based on your wishes and demands, so contact us so we can start building your dream boat.


Length (m)

< 55

Speed (knot)




Width (m)

Technical information

Lenght11.074 meter
Width2.908 meter
LWL9.756 meter
BWL2.473 meter
Draft0.66 meter (fully load; no engine)
Depth3,984 meter
Empty weight3,950 kg
Max weight6,500 kg
Fuel tank1,500 liter
Recommended engine400-900 hp
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