AluVenture 11000 XE

Having received a lot of positive feedback on our 6500 series, it was time to build a bigger boat. We ended up with an 11 meter long boat, hence the “11000 series” name. In order to build a really awesome demo boat, we joined forces with other leading brands in the maritime market, and together we have built our new demo boat – AluVenture 11000 XE. We are going to take the boat on a Voyage of Norway, starting in Halden in late september, with the finishing line to be Kirkenes a nice voyage later. Contact us to find out when we are planning to be in your area so that you can take a closer look on this beast of a boat!

Where AluVenture 11000 XE is located right now

Voyage of Norway schedule:
Leg 1: Oslo – Arendal
Leg 2: Arendal – Stavanger
Leg 3: Stavanger – Bergen
Leg 4: Bergen – Aalesund or Molde
Leg 5: Aalesund/Molde – Trondheim
Leg 6: Trondheim – Mo I Rana or Bodø
Leg 7: Mo I Rana/Bodø – Harstad
Leg 8: Harstad – Tromsø
Leg 9: Tromsø – Kirkenes
Bonus leg: Secret

We will  stop many places during each leg to show the demobroat to those who are interested. This list of places is long and grows almost daily. If you want us to drop by a harbor close to your location you need to contact us on or +47 94 24 91 02.

So if you’re pondering your choices between the different
types of boats, make it an aluminium boat – an AluVenture boat.

You will not regret it!