AluVenture 11000 CC (Center Console) is a concept our designers have been playing around with. It is based on our very sea worthy 11000 hull, with a basic wheelhouse welded to the hull, and an extreme amount of deck space. Your fantasy is pretty much the only thing limiting what this vessel can be used for. It is also possible to deliver the model with certain elements from our other 11000 models, so contact us so that we can start building a boat meeting your wishes and demands. 


Length (m)

< 45

Speed (knots)




Width (m)

Technical information

Length 11.180 meter
Width2.908 meter
LWL10.240 meter
BWL2.640 meter
Draft0.560 meter (fully load; no engine)
Depth3.320 meter
Empty weight 3,700 kg
Max weight7,200 kg
Fuel tank2,000 liter diesel or 1,000 liter petrol
Recommended HP400-900 hp
  • AluVenture 11000 center console view from side
  • Center console version of AluVenture 11000
  • A view of AluVenture 11000 center console from above
  • AluVenture 11000 center console version set up for fishing
  • AluVenture 11000 center console set up for fishing side view