AluVenture 12000 Inboards PATROL is our answer to everyone who have asked us if we can deliver our aluminium boats with inboard engines. Of course we can! We started with our 11000 hull, which we have received great reviews on and which we have had the benefit of testing over many hundred hours by now. We wanted to keep the hulls great sea capabilities and have therefore kept the width narrow, but made it slightly longer to accommodate the inboard engines. This solution also makes it possible for us to deliver all our previous developed wheelhouse + cabin solutions with just minor changes. This you can see if you compare our 11000 PATROL and Inboard PATROL.


Length (m)

< 45

Speed (knot)




Width (m)

Tekniske data

Length 11.865 meter
Width2.908 meter
LWL10.906 meter
BWL2.644 meter
Draft0.535 meter (fully load; no engine)
Depth3.320 meter
Empty weight 5,100 kg
Max weight7,200 kg
Fuel tank800-1,500 liter
Recommended HP400-900 hp
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-24
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-21
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-22
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-23
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-26
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-27
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-28
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-31
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-29
  • AV-11000 IB_181205-30

Standard Equipment

2 x pilot shock absorbing seats in helm
Benches for 4 people around table in helm
Flip up aft table with cup holders
Bench solution with room for four in aft
Self-draining deck
Large under deck storage in apt
Cabin with sleeping for 4
Toilet with sink
Freshwater (56 l.) and wastewater (56 l.) tank
Fuel tank with max 1500 liters with diesel and 925 liters gasoline.
Deck hatch in aft
Artificial leather finish
Electric bilge pumps
Laminated glass with window wipers
LED spotlights on roof, 4 pointing forwards, 1 to the aft
Flag pole
Skylight opening hatch for master cabin
12V power outlets in helm and cabin
Main control switches for House and Engines
Navigation lights
Signal Horn
2 x 2 kg Fire extinguishers
Deck covering Treadmaster Dimond Pattern

Extra Equipment

Water pump for washing of deck
FlexiTeak deck coverage
Bow thruster
Jet thrusters
Can be delivered as CE class B instead of standard CE class C
3M foliage on hull
ZipWake trim control
Lenco trimflaps
Electronics (plotters, radar, stereo, inducers, autocontrol, etc.)
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Our main priority is that you will be happy with the boat you are getting. That is why can do a lot of customization to your specific boat, so that it suites your needs and wants better than the “standard” version.

Contact us today so we can start designing your perfect boat!