Design Your Own

The opinions and wishes of our customers are very important to us, our team approaches each customer individually to create a boat that meets the exact needs of the customers. We can help you to create the boat you have always dreamed of. We will find out your exact needs and ideas, and on the basis of that information we make a unique boat, only to you!

In addition to develop and build our own boats under the AluVenture brand, we have also been involved with developing custom boats suitable for other types of tasks and users. We often get approached by individuals or organizations that have seen our boats and great craftsmanship, and that asks us for help developing the perfect boat for them. Sometimes they come with some basic drawings already, other times they just explain what they want, and together we develop a boat.

This service of boat design and development is a service we put a lot of effort into. That is also why we have such a talented and large design team for the size of our company. Not only are our AluVenture boats drawn in 3-dimensional construction programs down to the smallest pipe and cable gate, we also create concept drawings including all your wishes, so you can see how your dream vessel really will look like. This makes it a lot easier for you to make the decision if this is the version that you would like to move into production at our yard.

We have added some information about a handfull of the special boats we have developed and built over the years as subpages to this. Take a closer look at Watermate, Styx and RIB-12 and then contact us with your wishes and demands. Take what you like from our many AluVenture models or our other special boats, or come with a brand new concept, and let us work together in developing your dream boat.

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  • AluVenture 11000 COMMUTER 8
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Our main priority is that you will be happy with the boat you are getting. That is why can do a lot of customization to your specific boat, so that it suites your needs and wants better than the “standard” version.

Contact us today so we can start designing your perfect boat!