The guys behind STYX had their design down and where just looking for someone who could help them build the boat and come with some constructive advice during the process. We agreed to this as the boys had a really cool concept designed. They wanted to build a high speed aluminium boat with transverse steps and a very deep V hull. Above the water they wanted a modular concept which would make it possible for the customer to pick and choose the items they wanted for their boat. We liked the challenge and opportunity to learn.

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The boat was design with an AIRYX hull design with specific combination of transversal steps with various sweep angle, specially profiled longitudinal sprayrails, air-channels system and continuous structural elements are forming a high effective hull.

The boys also wanted to be able to drive fast when the conditions where a bit choppy, so the boat also has a very sharp V hull design with 25.5 degrees midship and 24 degrees at stern, making the boat able to pass any waves soft and safely.

A major part of the design that the boys had developed was that their brand should have a modular focus, making it possible for customers to easily add and remove elements to the design and in this way make a unique boat just for them. This was something that we had to consider in our feedback and building of this boat.

Top speed was an important point for the designers. They wanted to have a boat designed and built to be motorized with the biggest outboard engines available and a top speed of 50+ knots.

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