We got contacted by Indrek Herman and he had after 20+ years in the business of organizing boat trips and adventure tourism some ideas for how his ideal vessel should look like in regards to the hull and above waterline design. He wanted a boat that could handle large groups at high speeds in shallow waters both securely and comfortably at the same time be so cool that it would be a total selfie magnet. The boat also needed to be towable and have multi function capabilities. Together we developed the WaterMate LR9.

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Being able to operate in shallow water and dock on the bank where important points for the customer so we designed a very flat hull with a dead rise angle of only 7 degrees.

Since the main usage of the boat would be to give tours to tourists, groups, school classes, etc. it was important that the boat would be able to care many passengers in addition to the crew. We took this into consideration and developed a boat with the capacity of 20 passenger in addition to 2 crew members.

Since the customer wanted to attract tourists and give passengers a “cool” experience, worthy of many pictures and posts on social media such as facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc., it was important that the boat looked cool. This needed to be reflected in the design, color scheme and also in extras such as the underwater light.

This was to become a boat that the owner would use in multiple locations, so it was important that the vessel was possible and easy to put on a trailer and transport. That is why we kept the width to 2.8 m., length to 9 m. and dry weight to 1560 kg.

Although passenger transport was the main purpose of the vessel, we wanted to keep other options available. As a solution, the passenger benches are fastened on two rails, so it is very easy to adjust distance between the rows, remove or add rows. By removing all you have a huge area for transportation of material. We also made designs ready for closed console versions, with inboard and yet drive, and also with bow port. Take contact to get more information about these versions.

Speed can be fun, and providing a fun and exciting experience to the passengers were important for Indrek’s use, so it was necessary that the vessel gave that experience. With a 300 HP engine the vessel can reach top speeds of 40 knots.

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