AluVenture 8500 CCC

Coming Soon

AluVenture 8500 Center Console (CC) is a boat we currently have on our design table as concept drawings. There is still design work to be done so it is possible for you to participate in the development of this model to make it exactly how you want it.

  • AluVenture 8500 CCC OXE_14
  • AluVenture 8500 CCC OXE_12
  • AluVenture 8500 CCC OXE_13
  • AluVenture 8500 CCC OXE_10
  • AluVenture 8500 CCC OXE_11

Our main priority is that you will be happy with the boat you are getting. That is why can do a lot of customization to your specific boat, so that it suites your needs and wants better than the “standard” version.

Contact us today so we can start designing your perfect boat!