World launch of AluVenture aluminium boats at Sjøen For Alle

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Sjøen For Alle (translate: Sea For All), the first major trade show in Norway each year is approaching rapidly and we are very excited since this trade show will be the world launch of us at AluVenture and our aluminium boats!! After years of preparing and planning, last year we decided to pull the trigger and started building our first boat in the AluVenture family.

The model name is 6500 CC. The number indicates the length of the boat in millimeters, while “CC” says what type of console solution the boat has, in this case, a Center Console. Vi have drawings ready for additional model lengths (5500, 7500) and also additional console solutions (DC, Pilot, CCC).

We are looking forward to showing off our boat, which will be the first time ever, and take in peoples reactions. Are you looking for a new, tough, and robust boat designed for demanding Norwegian conditions with varying weather conditions, rocky beaches and at times shallow waters, then drop by our exhibition booth and take a closer look at our boat.

We look forward to it.

AluVenture 6500 CC boat docked

AluVenture 6500 CC

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