Båtens Verden review of AluVenture 6500 CC

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Test review of AluVenture 6500 CC in Båtens Verden

Test review of AluVenture 6500 CC in Båtens Verden

“The most impressive in regards to how the boat handles, is shown when we turn sharply. The boat responds immediately and it is just to hold on.” Writes Vetle Børresen in his review of AluVenture 6500 CC for the Norwegian boating magazine Båtens Verden Nr. 4 – 2016.

But the praise doesn’t end there.  “Developed in Norway, AluVenture’s aim is to build tough aluminium boats for leisure, fishing – and occupation use. 6500 CC is the first one out of the gates, and if this is an indication on what to expect next, then the future looks exciting.” We agree and are happy Vetle Børresen from Båtens Verden also are left with this feeling after using our demo boat for a while.

Interviewed in the article is also our first customer, Steinar Andersen, who ordered a boat from us the day after he first saw our demo boat. Without spoiling anything, we can mention that Vetle and Båtens Verden will take a closer look at Steinar’s custom boat and write a follow up piece on it for a later issue of Båtens Verden. Steinar’s boat is custom built for competitive fishing, and it is also equipped with the latest cool equipment from Raymarine Norway. Another great reason to read Båtens Verden.

If you wish to read the whole review (in Norwegian) please contact us on info@AluVentureBoats.com and we will send you a digital copy.

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