Do you want to rent an AluVenture 6500 CC boat?

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Are you one of those who have contemplating renting an AluVenture 6500 CC for a few days to really test it? Well then I have good news for you. Our distributor in the Netherlands and Germany Rheinland Boote also do rentals as well as sales.

And not just boats, they rent out fully equipped cabins also that are perfect for those who want to relax after many hours on the water. If you only want to rent a boat from them that is also possible and they also have a space for motor homes, camping carts or tents, where you can stay for free as long as you rent one of their boats.

And the boats are well-equipped, ready for fishing adventures. All boats come abundantly equipped with a strong and effective MinnKota engine and Humminbird sonar. The AluVenture 6500 CC has a 150 HP that can take the boat up to 36-37 knots.

The boat and these cabins are located in the Netherlands. Specifically, Jachthaven 7, 8556 Sloten Friesland, The Netherlands (Google Maps) and you can read more about the offer on their website here. Unfortunately, it is only available in German at this time.

Cabins laying close to the water with aluminum boats dock in front of them.

Cabins to rent for the fishing interested

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