In 2017 we got approached by a dealer in Norway that had a vast network and he wanted to sell them a type of workboat that he had designed in his head but also made some rough sketches. We agreed to help him make his design idea a reality and then to build him some of these boats. His main points where a high quality approx. 8 meter long work boat with a closed center console with walk around and a bow port. All aluminium. Together we made this workboat which we have delivered 8 boats of and which operate as fire and rescue, harbor service, etc. in Norway.

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Based on requirements from his customers the dealer knew that 8 meter lengths was what the vessel needed to be.

These boats would be used regardless of the weather, so it was important that they had a closed console so that it was possible for them to seek shelter from the elements while they could still perform their duties. We made sure the console had large doors to ease getting in and out while dressed in work gear.

It was very important for these boats that they would be able to be delivered with a bow port. These boats would be used a lot for transportation of material, so easy access on and off was a high priority. The boats would also be used for diving now and then, so having a bow port would make getting in and out of water a lot easier for the divers.

These boats were pure work boats, this meant that they will be handled a complete different way than private boats. They will be used a lot, by a lot of different captains, carrying a lot of different and heavy material, so it was important that the boats where built in aluminium and capable of handling pretty much whatever the boat needed to do.

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