In 2018 we got contacted by a group of companies who all wanted to apply on an open tender for a special vessel for the coast guard. This group consisted of companies with wast experience on answering such tenders, and they also possessed the ability to build the wheelhouse (which had to be in glass fiber), install all the electronics, and the RIB tube. They lacked however someone to build them their aluminum hull, so they came to us. We worked with the requirements specified in the tender and developed this concept. The tender was sadly pulled back by the government authority initially offering it, so no boat was every built, but it shows potential. 

  • RIB-42 04
  • RIB-42 10
  • RIB-42 12
  • RIB-42 13
  • RIB-42 11

Due to the tasks the boat would be put through, it was important that the vessel managed minimum 50 knots top speed. This set a lot of requirements for the hull. Not only did it have to be fast, but it was also necessary with a triple installation in order to get the required HP.

Since the wheelhouse needed to be in glass fiber, and a RIB tube around the hull, there where a lot of new challenges we had to consider in the design and development of this concept. Together with the other organizations in the group we worked our way through these and learned a lot in the process.

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