Demo boat reached Bergen. Leg three of our Voyage of Norway completed!

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After being moored at Hillevågsvatnet, Stavanger for almost two weeks, it was about time to get moving again. When we ended leg two in Stavanger the weather was fantastic with blue sky and a huge sun. This time is was far from this, with rain and clouds. We therefor skipped visiting Pulpit Rock and Lystebotn, but vi visited the Swords In Rock monument in Hafrsfjorden. Swords In Rock symbolise the completion of the unification of Norway after the battle at Hafrsfjord ca 872 AD and that weapons would no longer be necessary. The swords are copies of viking swords found in different places in Norway. The large sword symbolize the now one king of Norway, while the two smaller ones symbolize the two loosing parties at the battle which unified Norway to one Kingdom.


We had several stops scheduled in Boknafjord, the area north of Stavanger. This area represents the beginning of where the large fish farming companies are located. We see our demo boat as a very suitable vessel for what these fish farmers are in need of, and this has been back by the level of interest we have received so far. The large companies are very interested in meeting us so we try to find a route where we manage to meet most of them, on our way to Kirkenes.

After making all the stops in Boknafjorden we headed west towards Karmøy, and then north towards Haugesund. We spent two nights here, but the weather was not favorable, so most of our time was spent in our hotel Clarion Hotel Amanda or out test driving. The Amanda Award, the very famous annual Norwegian award ceremony for excellence in Norwegian films is arranged in Haugesund, and this was also the theme at our hotel with a lot of interior decoration reflecting this award. We also found time to take a closer look at the special city hall from 1931, but it was first when we left the city, and the weather had changed to the better, that we got a small taste of how magnificent this city can be. 

Our voyage further took us to Moster in Bømlo. Here we got showed the Røyksundkanalen by the two individuals who showed up for the boat demo, and this was a really awesome channel to glide through. A bit narrow at certain places, but our 11 meter boat is very easy to maneuver, so we had a great little trip here. You can view a video of us motoring through this channel on our Youtube

Our journey continued up Hardangerfjorden, all they way to Norheimsund. Here we stayed the night at a really nice and historic hotel (Thon Hotel Sandven) that we can recommend you visit if you ever get to this area. The next morning we had an early demo scheduled close by.  



After this early demo, we set the course for Bergen. We had a couple of demo stops on the way, but got into Bergen around 6 pm on Thursday. We docked as far inn the famous Vågen as possible, so as many as possible would see the boat from the busy harbor area.

The next day Bergen really showed itself from its beautiful side, with great weather and a lot of people out and about. Given the location of our boat we goat a steady interest from people just walking by the harbor. We also had multiple demos scheduled, so the day was really great with a lot of interest and many inns and outs of Vågen.

Vågen Bergen

Vågen Bergen

It was sad to move the boat away from the harbor, but we had to pack our stuff and fly back home. Luckily, our Bergen partner for this Voyage Of Norway Bjordal & Madsen have the boat at their location in Søreidgrend while we are gone. The people at Bjordal & Madsen is very skillful and know a lot about the demo boat, so for those who would like to take a closer look while it is there, just contact them and ask about the AluVenture demo boat.

Our next journey leg goes from bergen to Molde. Departure is scheduled for Monday November 5th, and we are these days making our detailed route plans. If you want us to stop by you during our journey to Molde, contact us ASAP so that we can try to add that to our plan.

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