Demo boat AluVenture 11000 XE for sale!

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Are you looking for the best Xmas gift (for yourself) ever? Is your company in need of a safe, reliable and awesome boat ASAP? Do you know an adventurer who are looking for a boat for some upcoming adventures?

Because of calendars that doesn’t match for the two of us who have been driving the boat, it looks like we will not be able to continue our voyage up north until March/April next year. We can have a new boat ready in that time, that is why we are considering selling our current demo boat for a special BLACK FRIDAY price! It is currently posted on the Norwegian online market, the Danish, the English and the Swedish We will soon post it on a UK online market also. Feel free to spread the word about this opportunity to organizations or individuals you believe would be interested in this. Thanks!

Annonse på AluVenture 11000 XE

Annonse på AluVenture 11000 XE

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