Boot Düsseldorf 2018 a huge success for AluVenture!

By Bjorn-Toni Bakken 3 years ago
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Once a year, an exhibition called Boot (german for boat) is arranged in Düsseldorf Germany. This is not your ordinary exhibition, but the world largest boat exhibition. This year 1,923 exhibitors from 68 different countries presented yachts, boats and accessories for all water sports activities on 220,000 square meters of stand space. With 247,000 visitors from 94 different countries, this is not only the largest (in sq2) but also most visited exhibition in this industry.

AluVenture had our maiden tour there last year, which resulted in a lot of feedback, and a distributor of our 6500 series boat in Germany and the Netherlands. With this success we decided early to visit this year’s Boot also. And what better tradeshow to launch our brand new 11000XE boat at!?!

I am not going to talk too much about the 11000 series here in this post, as we will post an independent post about that soon, but quickly summarized, it is an 11 meter boat, 2,8 wide, and capable of handling triple outboard engine installation. It is also a category B boat, which means that it is capable of going further out from land. The boat drew an crazy amount of interest, and we are still following up with all the interested organizations and individuals from the show.

It was also great to see that the 6500 series is growing in recognition and demand. We saw a lot of the same people that came by our stand last year, which was the first time we showed the boat outside of Norway, this time they came back after have thought about it for a year, and now they wanted to buy!

All in all, a very good exhibition, and there are some rumors we might be back next year also. What do you think we should bring then?



Side view of AluVenture 11000XE

Side view of AluVenture 11000XE

People loved our 11000XE boat

1100XE was a huge crowd pleaser

6500 CC also had multiple interested buyers come by during the exhibition looking closer at the boat

Our third generation 6500 CC also attracted a lot of interest during the exhibition.

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