Another boat review of our popular 6500 CC

By Bjorn-Toni Bakken 3 years ago
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“AluVenture is a solid and robust aluminiumsboat”

“The boat cuts the water and turns on a dime, and cuts its own stern waves softly”

“First impression is that the boat is great to maneuver and the engine noice is low enough in the cockpit that we can communicate using our normal voice”


These are some of the positive feedback that is mentioned in this article written by Ole Henrik Nissen-Lie and which was published both in paper and digital versions by the Norwegian boat magazine “Båtliv”. Ole Henrik tested our 2nd. gen. version of our 6500-series, and since then we have launched our 3rd. gen. which also has the revolutionary water ballast system.

You can read the whole article on Båtliv’s homepage here (it is in Norwegian). If you send us an email we can send you a pdf copy of the online article (this is also in Norwegian).

Båtliv also produce and publish video reviews and they have published such a video about our AluVenture 6500 on their own Youtube channel here (in Norwegian). This video you can also see on our own AluVenture Youtube channel here.

Screenshot Båtliv 6500 artikkel Metalmannens drømmebåt

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