AluVenture invited to the exclusive High Speed Boat Operations Forum 2018

By Bjorn-Toni Bakken 3 years ago
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There are in general two types of exhibitions. Those that you pay to participate in because you think you have something to show that people are interested in. And then you have the types of exhibitions which you are invited to, because the promoter find that you have something to show the people. High Speed Boat Operations Forum (HSBO) is of the latter type, a very exclusive exhibition, taking place for the 12th time this year. We are therefor very honored to be invited with our 11000 XE, especially it is exactly this type of people we are interested in showing our 11000 XE to.

High Speed Boat Operations Forum is an exhibition for the professional market and is much more than just an exhibition of boats. There is also an indoor Hall with exhibitors of marine equipment, and there is a lot of focus on keynote presentations. So far the following keynote speakers have been announced:

  • Rear Admiral Jens Nykvist, Chief of Swedish Navy
  • Vice Admiral Sousa Pereira, General Commander of Portuguese Maritime Police
  • Rear Admiral Odd Werin, Head of Naval System Department, Swedish Defence Material Adm.
  • Mr. Paul Brereton, Health & Safety Executive, UK Government

It is also not enough just having a boat moored at the dock, which people can step onboard. There are boat trials to figure out what each boat is kapable of. Max speed, turning radius, cutting of waves, etc. are some of what the boats will be tested on with interested parties on board.

The promotor is expecting 350+ paying participants from over 35 countries and 35+ participating boats. You can read more about the forum on their webpage, or on their facebook page.

Here is also a promo video which gives you an introduction to what will happen during HSBO.

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