AluVenture at Europe’s largest boat fair in Düsseldorf!

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Europe’s largest, if not the world’s largest boat fair is organized every year in Dusseldorf Germany. Getting here was on our 5 year plan, but we did not expect us to end up here this year, one year after we launched ourselves at Sjøen For Alle 2016 on Lillestrøm. But sometimes things go faster than you plan.

After receiving an invitation to join together with several other boat manufacturers in an exclusive Estonia stand area, we could of course not let this opportunity go beyond us. We packed our cases, booked boat tickets on Color Line, and started the trip south.

For those who have been at the boat fair in Düsseldorf, you know that this is MUCH bigger than what we are used to in Norway. To put it a little in perspective, Sjøen for Alle at Lillestrøm was 14,500 m2 and had 25 863 visitors, while Boot Düsseldorf (which is the correct name) had 220,000 m2 and 242,000 visitors!

The AluVenture team had a great time in Düsseldorf and we received a lot of interest in our 6500 CC boat. There are very many Germans who are on one or more fishing trips to Norway each year and most of them were very interested in the boat. We also secured some sales and started talks with potential distributors in several countries.

All in all, a very good first trip to Boot Düsseldorf. Maybe we’ll take a trip next year too :)

AluVenture 6500 CC at Boot Dusseldorf 2017

AluVenture 6500 CC at Boot Dusseldorf 2017

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