AluVenture 6500 CC now delivered with water ballast as standard!

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What do you do when the press, customers and experts at home and abroad gives you great feedback and thumbs up for the boat you have designed and built? Are you resting on the laurels? Or do you take your goal about building the safest and best boat one step further? We did!

When we sat down to plan the development of our third generation 6500 model, the question was whether we would continue to make many minor improvements, or if we were going to do something more exciting, like developing a water ballast solution for the boat. We chose to do both!

Water ballast is something that you hear large boats have. The goal is to increase the stability and make the trips safer and more comfortable. This is usually found on larger and much more expensive boats, but we wanted to build a water ballast system for our boats, and include it as standard so everyone gets the added safety and comfort this brings. We also saw that this would be a great advantage when fishing, as it will decrease movement in the boat. It will be easier to stand still and move around the boat and the fishing trip will feel more comfortable.

Our solution was to create a cavity that goes along the keel of the boat. This cavity can be filled with water if desired, thus making the boat heavier and more stable. There will be less roll and movement in the boat, and this will be especially beneficial when you have stopped for fishing. When you want to move again, you can easily release the water in this cavity. If the weather and sea conditions are demanding, and you want this extra stability as the water ballast provides, you can also choose to keep the water ballast while driving.

If you would like to learn more about this solution, and our boats, just contact us. Our first 3rd generation 6500 boat will come to Oslo in the next few weeks and it will be possible to test it for those who want to try out this innovation. Contact us to book your time!

AluVenture 6500 CC model out driving on the water

AluVenture 6500 CC model driving out on the water

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