1 year anniversary at Sjøen For Alle 2017

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n AluVenture 6500 CC depicted along with 2 other boats

An AluVenture 6500 CC at Husviken Båt og Fritid AS stand during Sjøen For Alle 2017

AluVenture took the trip to Sjøen For Alle at Lillestrøm this year also. This is actually our 1 year anniversary as it was here we launched our boats and ourself in 2016. This year we were working with and were in the position of Husviken Båt of Fritid AS, an established distributor located in Nygårdsveien 6B, 1400 Ski. We were invited by Husviken and, of course, could not say no to this opportunity. We have also entered into a distribution agreement with Husviken for our AluVenture boats, so you live in eastern Norway you can now buy our boats through Husviken!

The trade show seemed to be more popular this year, something the audience numbers confirmed. It was 15-20% increase day over day compared to 2016. It was also very nice to meet a lot of people who visited our stand last and who came back again this year to take a second look at our 6500 model.

All in all, another great fair, and maybe we will turn this into a tradition for us and also participate next year.

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