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    Aluminium hull gives the boat an enormous
    stability and rigidity, making AluVenture boats
    a dream to navigate





    The selected production materials and
    material thickness makes the AluVenture
    boats robust and carefree for their owners


AluVenture is

100% Aluminium

AluVenture’s boats are made of marine-grade aluminium alloy H321, which is stronger and more durable than alloy H111, commonly used by our competitors.


Our designers have focused on constructing a boat for demanding conditions. Along with the right materials and production methods (hand built and fully welded), this gives AluVenture’s boats a robustness that will get you to your desired destination, regardless of prevailing weather and beach conditions.


AluVenture’s team approaches each customer individually. We can help you to create the boat you have always dreamed of. Design your own boat!


Safety for the user is a top priority for us and we take every possible precaution to guarantee a safe and enjoyable tour. Our boats undergo strict inspection in compliance with rules and regulations of DIRECTIVE 2013/53/EU which took effect on January 18th, 2016.

 Why buy an AluVenture aluminium boat?

 Because it is designed for demanding Norwegian conditions with varying weather conditions, rocky beaches and at times shallow waters.

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August 23, 2018
The largest in water boat exhibition in Finland is Uiva Flytende. This year it was arranged in Helsinki Finland from August 16th through 19th. We took our recently built AluVenture 11000 CCFC Premium Edition to the capitol of Finland, to see what kind of reaction our brand and boats would get in Finland, as this was our first time ever in Finland. The finnish aluminum boat market is known for being many times larger than Norway’s, and that became clear when we arrived at the dock with our boat. Here there where pure aluminium boats (like our) and hybrids (aluminium hull but GRP for the rest) everywhere! I would estimate one thirds of all boats there had aluminum hulls. All the large and well known producers were here with multiple models (XO had 5 boats and Buster had two Phantom versions together with 3-4 of their smaller models). The following aluminum brands with boats over 6 meter where in addition to us present: XO, Buster, Arronet, Anytec, AMT, Nordkapp Ranger, Rival, Silver, UMS, ALUCAT, Falcon, Masterpro, Yanmarin Cross, Husky, Viggo, Watermate and Faster. That is crazy many aluminium boats!! I was curious about this and asked some finnish exhibition visitors why it was like this and their answer was “Because Finland has 50% of all the rocks in Europe!”  LOL! The good news is that even will all this competition, AluVenture stood out from the crowd and drew a lot of attention. We left Finland with additional knowledge and a list of possible customers. See below some pictures from the exhibition.

Captain’s notes from the voyage Oslo to Southampton and back!

August 1, 2018
As mentioned in our previous post about Seawork International, we decided to participate on this very well known and large boat exhibition in Southampton United Kingdom. As soon as this decision had been made we started evaluating our options on how to get our demo boat from Oslo to Southampton and after careful consideration we ended up with driving it there ourselves!

Our 11000 XE demo boat invited to Seawork International in Southampton

July 17, 2018
Seawork International in Southampton England is the world's largest boat exhibition tailored to the professional market. We got an invitation to bring our new demo boat - 11000 XE - there and this was an opportunity we couldn't decline!

A great experience for AluVenture at High Speed Boat Operations 2018 in Gothenburg.

June 12, 2018
This past week we spent in gorgeous Gothenburg where we were invited by High Speed Boat Operations to show our boat and give boat trials to the forum participants.  This is a small but very focused forum with professional customers from 30+ countries around the world. Each day had one or more boat trials periods where we took 4-6 people with out for a test ride, where we showed them what our boat is like on the water. We also let them try it themselves.  The reception has been excellent. We got a lot of positive feedback and it is clear that everyone really likes our extremely quite pilothouse, which makes it a great work environment when you are on the water hour after hour. We will post more about how this is possible in a separate post but if you can’t wait, contact us directly for a sneak peak :)  In short, great keynote speakers, great exhibitions, many great boats and professional customers from 30+ countries = a great event for us! 
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