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    Aluminium hull gives the boat an enormous
    stability and rigidity, making AluVenture boats
    a dream to navigate





    The selected production materials and
    material thickness makes the AluVenture
    boats robust and carefree for their owners


AluVenture is

100% Aluminium

AluVenture’s boats are made of marine-grade aluminium alloy H321, which is stronger and more durable than alloy H111, commonly used by our competitors.


Our designers have focused on constructing a boat for demanding conditions. Along with the right materials and production methods (hand built and fully welded), this gives AluVenture’s boats a robustness that will get you to your desired destination, regardless of prevailing weather and beach conditions.


AluVenture’s team approaches each customer individually. We can help you to create the boat you have always dreamed of. Design your own boat!


Safety for the user is a top priority for us and we take every possible precaution to guarantee a safe and enjoyable tour. Our boats undergo strict inspection in compliance with rules and regulations of DIRECTIVE 2013/53/EU which took effect on January 18th, 2016.

 Why buy an AluVenture aluminium boat?

 Because it is designed for demanding Norwegian conditions with varying weather conditions, rocky beaches and at times shallow waters.

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Huge interest at Meremess exhibition in Estonia

March 22, 2020
On the 6, 7 and 8th of Mars, the largest boat exhibition in the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) took place in Tallinn, Estonia. We had never exhibited here before, and we were excited to show of our boats and what we can do to this region also. Even if we have never promoted us at exhibitions here before, there are already a handfull of AluVenture boats registered in Estonia, so it is clear that they also appreciate and like the AluVenture quality and design. We decided to bring with us a brand new AluVenture 6500 CC which we are delivering to customer in Norway soon. This almost ALL BLACK version with a 200 HP outboard engine drew a lot of attention among the visitors at this years Meremesse. Several people also came by our stand to talk about our larger boats, and a surprising high number knew about and asked about the new and larger hull we are launching this year! More information about this will come soon so just stay put! We recommend you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, (if you are not already) to get all the news from us. And if you are not already receiving our email newsletters, send us an email by clicking here and we will make sure to add you.

AluVenture now a certified partnering boatbuilder by Yamaha!

February 10, 2020
Right at the end of 2019 we was officially certified as a partnering boatbuilder by Yamaha. This means we now can buy our Yamaha engines and equipment directly from the importer and install everything ourselves. We are very happy with this as Yamaha has the largest portfolio of engines available and also the largest service network in our markets. With the training and material supplied to us by the importer, we now have a higher level of competence about their engines. This increases the quality and value of the service we provide YOU as we now can offer you high quality Yamaha engines and better recommendations. This also makes our production more efficient, which means shorter production and delivery times for you. This has already resulted in an awesome 2 x 200 HP Yamaha installation on our first ever AluVenture 7500 CC. This 24 ft. vessel has become very popular and we are now building the second boat of this model. We are also launching a brand new hull this year (a separate newsletter will be sent about this) and the first boat on that hull will have 3 x 425 HP Yamaha XTO engines!! In other words, 1275 horsepowers! Very exciting times! We are very happy with this cooperation with Yamaha while keeping our organizational autonomy as an independent boat producer of robust, reliable, and safe aluminum boats. Some Info About Yamaha Yamaha Motor Company is one of the largest engine producers in the world. They produce motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, golf carts, GoCart engines, snowmobiles, etc., and outboard marine engines, where they are the leading producer. This year the company celebrates its 60th year as an outboard engine producer! Their first model was called “P-7” and was launched in their home market Japan all the way back in 1960. A lot of development has taken place for outboard engines since then, and Yamaha has been at the forefront of that. Their largest commercial success, and the engine that placed Yamaha in this leading position, was their 85a model, launched in 1978. This was a “bullet-proof”, two stroke engine that was produced for over 30 years! But Yamaha likes to stay at the front of development and launched already in 1984 their first four stroke engine. This was a small 9.9 HP engine, but they would quickly get bigger. In 2001 Yamaha was the first producer to break the invisible 200 HP barrier with their F225A model. Up until that model, the industry thought that the 200 HP was the upper limit of what would be possible to produce by an outboard engine. Yamaha also became the first producer to launch an outboard with a V8 engine, when they put their 350 HP model on the market in 2007. This was then the largest engine available on the market. However, fierce competition between the brands have pushed Yamaha further, and in 2019 they launched their XTO engines, which you can get in 375 HP or 425 HP configurations.

Demo boat AluVenture 11000 XE for sale!

November 20, 2018
Because of calendars that doesn't match for the two of us who have been driving the boat, it looks like we will not be able to continue our voyage up north until March/April next year. We can have a new boat ready in that time, that is why we are considering selling our current demo boat for a special BLACK FRIDAY price!
Voyage of Norway

Bergen – Molde completed, and with that leg 4 of our Voyage of Norway comes to an end!

November 14, 2018
Vardetangen, Hardbakke, Florø, Sandnes, Måløy, Straumgjerde, Ulsteinvik, Ålesund and Kristiansund was some of the places where we stopped during our latest leg of our Voyage of Norway. To read more about the journey Bergen - Molde check out this post.
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